Support and Partner with Stephen F. Austin Student Athletes

Creating an opportunity for alumni and fans to directly support SFA Men’s Basketball student-athletes, while opening avenues for athletes to use their NIL to make a positive impact on the community by supporting local charities in Nacogdoches and throughout East Texas.

Help Empower Student Athletes

Lumberjack student-athletes can now monetize and profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). The Sawmill 6th Man Collective was created by like-minded alumni, business leaders, and fans with the goal to facilitate legal and compliant NIL opportunities for current, and future student-athletes.

Be the 6th Man

Do you want the opportunity to be apart of the Sawmill 6th Man? 

By donating to the Sawmill 6th Man Collective you will have a direct first-hand contribution to the sustained success of Lumberjack athletics. The Sawmill 6th Man’s goal is to expand NIL opportunities for Stephen F. Austin student-athletes.

Frequently asked questions

What is NIL?

NIL stands for “Name, Image, and Likeness” specifically referring to the use of an athlete’s NIL through marketing and promotional endeavors. Student-athletes at NCAA institutions could begin monetizing their NIL beginning on July 1, 2021.

What percentage of contributions go to the athletes?

100% of contributions go directly to the student-athletes. Sawmill 6th Man is directed by volunteers, local business leaders, and alumni that take no monetary compensation.

Are Donations Tax Deductible?
Donations are not tax deductible.
What are the NCAA Rules Regarding NILs and Collectives?

A student-athlete may not receive NIL compensation based on his or her athletic performance. That would constitute “pay for play,” which is prohibited by NCAA rules. A donor may not provide NIL compensation to a high school recruit or transfer student in an effort to bring the student-athlete to Stephen F. Austin. Such inducements and extra benefits are prohibited by NCAA rules. Per NCAA rules, Stephen F. Austin is not associated with Sawmill 6th Man or any other NIL organization. Sawmill 6th Man works closely with Stephen F. Austin to keep the university informed of our procedures and progress.